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Giants continue to rely on Jones, Houston with Gamble

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14. July 2023

The Giants will have to pedal hard to make the playoffs in the new season. For the Houston Texans, on the other hand, success revolves around two young players.

New York Giants


The trend in New York is upward, which could be seen impressively last season. Saquon Barkley was given the franchise tag. This was possible because a contract extension with Daniel Jones was fixed. In the meantime, the front office has done everything it can to provide Jones with the most capable offensive weapons possible. Tight end Darren Waller came from the Raiders, and the receiving corps went for bulk over class in the slot. If a WR#1 emerges, however, they could save a lot of money that way. They also did a good job in the draft, cornerback Deonte Banks brings mobility, size and tackle skills. They also added a new center and an exciting receiving talent.


Three wide receivers left the Giants in the offseason, and three safeties had to be replaced on defense. A lot of turnover on the roster, but unfortunately nothing happened at the quarterback position. To the chagrin of many fans, Daniel Jones is staying long-term and has been given a four-year contract. But with his performance last season he didn’t really justify it (completion rate under 68%, 15 touchdowns on 5 Int, rating 92.5%). Jones stumbled especially on deep passes, with only 4.9% of his passes over 20 yards arriving in 2022. But besides the offense, the defense must also become stronger, especially the defense against the run showed underground games.

Motto of the season: The Giants had various construction sites: Secondary, run defense or quarterback – another playoff run would be a big success in the strong NFC East.

Houston Texans


Short and sweet: DeMeco Ryans. The fact that the ex-Texans player has joined his former team can only be explained by emotional ties. Ryans is considered one of the best defensive minds in the league (he was previously a DC with the 49ers), while Houston has been in shambles for years. Besides the new head coach, it’s all about the young talent that was drafted. First and foremost, of course, C.J. Stroud, who should finally bring consistency back to the QB position.


For pass rusher Will Anderson Jr, the Texans spent their first-round pick in 2024. Now the pick has to show that there is an elite pro in him. If Anderson Jr. doesn’t deliver and the franchise as a whole performs as weakly as they did in 2022, Houston will have to watch the Cardinals draft in their place. Possibly the first overall pick….

Motto of the season: Hope for better times? With a promising quarterback and a celebrated coach, the Texans give their fans hope again.

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