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„Quarterback“: Mahomes, Mariota and Cousins in Netflix documentary

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18. Juli 2023

The new Netflix series „Quarterback“ offers a unique look behind the scenes of American football – from the perspective of the most important player on the field.

What’s it about.

For the first time, three quarterbacks have been mic’d up for an entire season. The series revolves around Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota and highlights their 2022 season. While you follow the same season with the three protagonists, their starting points couldn’t be more different. Mariota, who finally gets a chance to play starting QB for Atlanta. Cousins, who is determined to crown his successful career. And Mahomes, who will later lift the Super Bowl as Most Valuable Player, but will have to go through some deep valleys beforehand.

For the first time, viewers get a glimpse into the stars‘ private lives. Serious topics, such as self-doubt and injuries, also play a role. In terms of sports, the fans are also taken onto the pitch, they are present at tactics meetings as another team member and the course of the season is recapitulated. In addition, almost philosophical questions are asked, such as: What is a quarterback measured by at the end of his career? Is it wins, titles, or are there other factors to look back on with pride? And when is it time to stop?

Where can you watch „Quarterback“?

„Quarterback“ has been running on the streaming provider Netflix since the beginning of July 2023. The first season consists of eight episodes, and the show was produced by Peyton Manning, among others.

Watch recommendation?

„Every play, the focus is on you. Basically, you have to be able to do each of your teammates‘ assignments as well as your own.“ Peyton Manning, two-time Super Bowl champion gives viewers goosebumps with this quote in the very first episode. Moments where viewers get private glimpses, like a dinner, a birthday party or the upcoming birth of Mariota’s child – this is where the show wins. The question of motivation, fears, pressure or self-doubt are also illuminated in an incredibly exciting way. However, anyone who is a real NFL fan knows the course of the last season. The passages where games are retold are accordingly a bit boring, especially because in the summer of 2023 you already know how it went for Cousins, Mariota and Mahomes. Nevertheless, the eight-part series offers suspense, entertainment and interesting insights into the life of an NFL quarterback.

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