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Andreas Thon - Über mich
Früh übt’s sich

My name is Andreas Thon and I have been involved with the NFL for over 15 years. The NFL Tippster team and I are at least as crazy about American football as you are. In recent years, the trend has been clearly recognizable that the sport has become more and more popular in Germany.

I worked as a US sports trader for many years and was able to witness numerous NFL games live in stadiums in the USA and in London.

My buddy Phil Lang, who has also worked for various bookmakers in the US market for years, and me have made it to our goal to further increase the level of awareness of this great sport with NFL-Tippster.

With over 15 years of experience with and around the “egg”, we want to offer you a platform and community with like-minded people. With us you get the current trends, news and much more. Your opinion is also important, we discuss, exchange ideas and enjoy the NFL from A-Z. For the sports betting fans among you, we offer you forecasts and tips.

Best wishes

Your Andreas