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Tip Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Let’s start week 6 with the tip Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans. As you probably know, it’s not really a home game for the Titans, because they meet in London. To be more precise in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Who will leave London with a win you can find out here and now.

The Baltimore Ravens are once again making life difficult for themselves. Instead of a 5-0 record, which was quite feasible, Jackson and Co. are now 3-2. Last weekend, everything looked like a win for the Ravens for 3 quarters, but then inexplicable mistakes crept in, as they did a few weeks ago against the Colts. In the end, a 10-17 defeat against the hated division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before the season, the Ravens were literally hyped up. First they signed Lamar Jackson to a contract extension that dragged on like rubber, then they finally gave him some offensive weapons like Beckham Jr. or Zay Flowers, but it hasn’t helped much so far. The Ravens are averaging 21.8 points per game, which isn’t super bad, but not really good either. The room for error remains limited. When Jackson is off his game like he was against the Steelers, even a highly talented team can’t win games.

The Titans alternate between light and shadow on a weekly basis. They won against the Chargers and the Bengals, but lost to the Saints, Browns and Colts.

When the Titans manage to take the lead, they can usually run the clock down smartly with their running game. However, when they run behind the music at the start of a match, they simply don’t have the firepower to counter. Ryan Tannehill is in the late fall of his career. 2 touchdowns scored are offset by 5 interceptions. Superstar DeAndre Hopkins is slowly waking up after his transfer, but he alone can’t turn the tide. That leaves Derrick Henry, who is still reeling off his yards, but even he is starting to show his age.

Both teams live on their strong defense, there they take almost nothing. Offensively, however, the Ravens are clearly better equipped. Our tip for the Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans matchup therefore goes in the direction of the Ravens. If Jackson can stop making mistakes and hold onto the ball, the Ravens will win. For us, the Titans simply don’t have the power at the most important position in the NFL to hold on over 60 minutes.

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