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Tip Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans

Welcome to the Super Wild Card weekend with our first betting tip Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans. Both teams already faced each other a few weeks ago in Houston. Back then, the Browns didn’t let anything burn in a 36-22 victory. This time the omens seem to be a little different, because a certain C.J. Stroud is starting for the Texans.

The Texans’ season almost sounds like a fairy tale. Just last year, they were one of the weakest teams in the NFL. One season later, they won the AFC South and secured a home game on Super Wild Card weekend. Last week’s win over the Colts and the Jaguars’ loss to the Titans gave them the division title.

After the draft, they were still a little ridiculed by some experts. They said, among other things, how can you draft Anderson Jr. alongside Stroud. A few months later, no one is laughing anymore. Stroud will win the title of Offensive Rookie of the Year and Anderson Jr. has also hit like a bomb. Add to that former Texans player Ryans on the sidelines and the Texans can look to a glorious future. But for now the present are the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns had already clinched the number five seed before last weekend. Coach Stefanski rested his remaining healthy starters against the Bengals. If any team has been ravaged by injuries this year, it has to be the Browns. They had to replace several players on both offense and defense. Still, they made the playoffs with a record of 11-6 wins.

On the one hand, this is due to Stefanski’s great coaching, while the defense is still the best in the league despite the absences. Then there’s a certain Joe Flacco.

Flacco was the Browns’ number four quarterback this year. A few weeks ago, the veteran was still sitting on his couch watching the games on TV. But then came the call from the Browns and everything changed.

Flacco plays like he’s never been away. His throwing arm has lost none of its strength and he has simply made the entire offense better.

If you look at the two offenses, I see the match as even. Both Stroud and Flacco are having incredible seasons. It’s a shame that one of them won’t be back after this weekend. The difference maker for me is the defense. Yes, the Texans have Anderson Jr. but other than that this is pretty average. In contrast, Garrett and Co. will make Stroud’s life as difficult as possible and chase him all over the field. In the end, we therefore see the Browns slightly ahead. Our tip Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans therefore goes with the guests from Cleveland.

Browns @ Texans
Browns @ Texans

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