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Tip Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers

Today we have the tip Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers. This NFC Championship showdown is a match between two incredibly popular franchises. On one side we have the Goliath, the San Francisco 49ers, whose fanbase is not only very large in the USA. On the other side we have the David, the Detroit Lions, who were extremely bad just a few years ago. But the Americans love nothing more than an underdog. Will the Lions continue their fairytale here or will the favorite prevail?

We mentioned it last week. What Dan Campbell has done with the Lions is almost too good to be true. There were quite a few who wanted to chase the eccentric coach out the door, but now he and his team are in the NFC Championship Final.

Campbell has breathed new life into this franchise and built a top team in a very short space of time. Jared Goff is experiencing his 2nd spring. The career of the former number one pick seemed to be over after his move to the Lions. But he has shown his critics. Against the Bucs last weekend, he threw for 287 and scored 2 touchdowns. St. Brown is now a superstar and then there are the great rookies LaPorta and Gibbs. On defense, Aiden Hutchinson has developed into a great leader in just two years.

The Lions are actually only at the beginning of their development. The future looks bright. This weekend, however, they will be up against arguably the best team in the NFC.

But the 49ers didn’t really look like the best team in the Divisional Round. They only defeated the Packers with great difficulty. For the first time in the Kyle Shanahan era, San Francisco managed to turn a fourth-quarter deficit into a victory.

They can thank Brock Purdy, who admittedly had played rather below average up to that point, but then pulled off this drive and Dre Greenlaw with his two interceptions. But it’s hard to explain why the 49ers played so poorly. Maybe the three weeks off were too much, taking the meaningless match against the Rams into account. Or maybe they simply underestimated their opponent. The weather certainly also played a role. The truth will probably lie somewhere in the middle.

But what is our prediction Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers? In favor of the Lions is the incredible mentality and Dan Campbell, who will motivate his team to the last fingertips. Unfortunately, we don’t think this will be enough against the 49ers. Goff usually has problems when he can’t play in an indoor dome. We also don’t think the 49ers will play this poorly twice in a row. Yes, the potential loss of Deebo Samuel weakens the favorite a bit, but the 49ers are better at almost every position. The quality of the players will therefore probably prevail in the end. Our prediction Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers is therefore 49ers win.

Lions @ 49ers
Lions @ 49ers

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