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Tipp Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Today we look at the match Texans @ Ravens. Many hope that DeMeco Ryans will stabilize the Texans’ defense. But the former player of the franchise can not perform miracles. The new head coach promptly got the right toy for the pass rush: Defensive end Will Anderson Junior will already start against the Ravens and then hopefully show why he is worth as much as the 2024 first-round pick. Jalen Pitre is entering his second year as a safety, and Coach Ryans is predicting a terrific season for him as well. We should see positive development on defense against the Ravens.

With C.J. Stroud, the starting quarterback for the coming years has finally been found in the draft, but Stroud is also a rookie. If the 21-year-old can put in a solid performance on the field without too many individual mistakes, we’ll have to be satisfied. The first acid test will come on Sunday, when new linebacker Trenton Simpson could make an impact.

The Baltimore Ravens are unsurprisingly the clear favorites in this season opener. For one thing, they have an experienced playmaker in Lamar Jackson, and for another, they get to play at home. In addition, there is a clear mismatch between the strong Baltimore defense and the unsafe Texans offense. The Ravens allowed an average of just 18.5 points per game last season, making them one of the top three teams in the league.

The Maryland franchise also has a lot to offer offensively: The receiving corps is loaded with stars and young talent alike (Flowers, Odell-Beckham Jr, etc). That, in turn, fits the pass-oriented game planned by the new OC.

Since both teams focus on defense, we don’t expect a high score. The hosts from Baltimore clearly bring the more complete package, which is why we bet on a win in the Texans @ Ravens matchup.

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