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Tip Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals

We continue with week 10 and the betting tip Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals. Both teams are on the rise, but who will come out on top next Sunday? We’ll tell you here and now.

First things first. After the final day of play, it’s safe to say that the Houston Texans have found their franchise QB. Stroud played out of his mind against the Bucs and ended up with 5 touchdown passes. Overall, the rookie has 2270 total yards, 14 touchdowns and one interception. He has therefore played a significant role in the Texans’ season so far. They already have more wins than in the whole of last season. That’s what I call a step forward. Of course, with such a young team, there is bound to be a dip in form, but after years of gloom, the Texans finally represent something again. With a current record of 4-4 wins, they still have a realistic chance of making the playoffs, but in my opinion that would be a little too soon. Besides Stroud, the other top pick in the draft has also developed very well so far. Will Anderson Jr. may only have 2 sacks, but his presence alone is awe-inspiring among opponents.

They now face the Bengals on Sunday. Cincinnati have won their last four games in a row and are now exactly where they were expected to be after a poor start to the season. Last weekend we were spot on with our prediction of the Bengals against the Bills and once this team gets rolling they will be very hard to stop.

Burrow seems to have finally recovered from his injury and is playing like in his best days. Of course, his direct teammates in offense, such as Chase or Higgins and Mixon, are also benefiting from him. But the defense, which doesn’t use a lot of blitzes, is also getting better and better.

The Bengals can’t afford to slip up in this division either, because the AFC North is extremely tight.

You might think that this could be a trap game for the Bengals by taking their opponent lightly, but Stroud made sure that didn’t happen after his last show. As mentioned above, the Texans are on the upswing, but the current Bengals are probably still a size too big. If Joe Cool performs like he has in recent weeks, there can only be one winner here. Our betting tip Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals is therefore a home win for the Bengals.

Texans @ Bengals
Texans @ Bengals

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