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Kelce and McCaffrey score at least 1 TD @ 2.5 bet365

Tip Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers

The time has finally come, it’s Super Bowl time and what can’t be missing? Exactly our tip Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers. So now there are only two teams left. Both faced each other in the final four years ago. Back then, the Chiefs came out on top. Will this be repeated in Las Vegas or will the 49ers take the win? It’s certainly one of the hardest games to predict, so we’ve got something a little different for you here.

The Chiefs can probably put themselves on the same level as the legendary Patriots with a win here. Since Mahomes took control there, the Chiefs have known almost nothing but winning. This season, however, they have looked a little shaky, especially in the regular season, and have rarely been convincing.

Nevertheless, it was enough to win the AFC West title again. In contrast to previous years, however, they were only allowed to play once at home in the playoffs before traveling. In the past, they had the advantage of playing at the Arrowhead until the Super Bowl. This was certainly one of the reasons why they were not necessarily the favorites this year. Can the Chiefs do it away from home was a much asked question.

But they have now answered that question. They beat the Bills in the Divisional Round and delivered a great game at number one seed Baltimore last weekend. The defense in particular did not allow Jackson to get into shape at all. Up front, three or four actions were enough to bring the Ravens to their knees. It certainly helps that Travis Kelce is back to his old strength and the running game is working better, but it was the defense that carried them through the playoffs.

The situation is somewhat different for the final opponent. The 49ers had a rock-solid defense during the season, but in the playoffs it was more the offense that pulled the coals out of the fire.

Against both the Packers and the Lions, they more or less overslept the first half and were forced to chase back-to-back losses. Kyle Shanahan’s record of turning games around was not particularly high. But when the team had their backs against the wall, they showed their best football.

Driven by Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy and workhorse Christian McCaffrey, they have high hopes against the Chiefs. It will be important for the 49ers to be at full strength for the full 4 quarters, because they can’t afford to take any time off against these Chiefs.

But what is our final prediction for Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers? We have thought about it for a long time but see the game more like a 50/50 coin toss. The individual quality on the 49ers side against Mahomes, who has seen it all, on the other side. Since we couldn’t commit here we found the following bet. Travis Kelce has just shown in the playoffs that he hasn’t forgotten anything. For the 49ers, McCaffrey is almost a guarantee for a touchdown. Both players are in the form of their lives and are good for a touchdown at any time. Therefore, our tip is Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers: Trevis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey will each score at least one touchdown in the match.

Chiefs vs 49ers
Chiefs vs 49ers

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