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Tip New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 4 starts with our tip on the New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys. Two real traditional clubs that also have a large fan base in Germany.

For years, Patriots fans were spoiled by Brady, but since the Mac Jones era began, the once-proud franchise has stagnated. Legend Bill Belichick is still on the sidelines, but without an outstanding QB, his resources are limited.

After early season losses to the Eagles and Dolphins, they were able to pull out a laborious 15-10 win over the Jets last weekend, but especially in the AFC East, the division title is out of reach.

The defense is allowing an average of less than 20 points, which is still a good value, and CB Christian Gonzales has also hit the ground running. He was named Defensive Rookie of the Month for September, but all that doesn’t help much when you only average 17 points.

Mac Jones currently stands at a solid 5 touchdowns as well as 2 interceptions. He has also been sacked 6 times. All of these stats scream league average and that’s probably exactly the zone where you have to put the Patriots.

On the other hand, we have “America’s Team.” The Cowboys literally shot out of the starting blocks with two clear victories. Some experts already saw them as the best team in the league, but last weekend they did exactly what they have become known for in recent years. Against the probably weakest team of the league they lost 28-16.

Consistency is something the Cowboys have lacked for years. Just when you think they would be knocking at the top, they put an egg in their net. With the Cowboys, the famous slogan “Any given Sunday” anything can happen is probably best.

I’m not too worried about the defense for the Cowboys despite the injury to Diggs, but Prescott in particular needs to finally show that he is, or wants to be, one of the best in the league.

Last week’s defeat may have come at the right time for Dallas, as they will not be so careless this time around. If they can do what they do, the Patriots won’t be able to keep up with them offensively for the full 60 minutes. Therefore, our tip for New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys is victory for the Texans.

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Patriots @ Cowboys

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