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Win Dolphins

Tip New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

Match number two this week is the tip New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins. After our correct tip at the TNF, we want to immediately follow up in the AFC East Kracher and make this weekend absolutely successful.

The Dolphins are probably the most entertaining team in the NFL so far. They score points like a conveyor belt but also allow a lot on defense. It’s a little reminiscent of soccer teams that usually win 4:3.

So far, though, it has to be said, the Dolphins are winning against the teams they should be beating, too, but they’ve had two losses against the cream of the league. Both against the Bills a few weeks ago and last weekend against the Eagles they were more or less without a chance. In the offense they usually play a very neat ball nevertheless. Tua is already at over 2000 passing yards, the tandem of the currently injured Achane and Mostert is working, and I’m almost running out of superlatives on Tyrek Hill. Hill is averaging 17 yards a game and already has 7 touchdowns. If he continues like this, he simply has to be mentioned in the race for the MVP title.

The real problem is in the defense. They allow an average of 26.7 points, which is simply too many. If they can get this problem under control, the Dolphins are a hot contender for the title.

On the other side, we have the New England Patriots. Just when I was about to completely write off the Patriots after three losses in a row, they beat the Bills, thus negating our pick last week.

Really, there was nothing to suggest that they were going to win against the Bills right now. Of course, it was also a curious match. The Pats started like fire and were in the lead for most of the game. When the Bills took the lead shortly before the end of the game, it looked like it was going to be a workhorse victory, but then Mac Jones, of all people, made what was probably the best play of the season and let the Pats cheer at the end.

With a 2-5 winning record, however, the Patriots are all but doomed to win and will need to show at Hard Rock Stadium that last week’s win wasn’t just a positive slip up.

However, with our conclusion on the New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins tip, we believe just that. I can’t see how the Patriots can win in Miami so far. The Dolphins are a force at home in particular and have always destroyed average teams so far. Since the Patriots are really not a top team this year, we believe the Dolphins will win.

Pats @ Dolphins
New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

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