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We at NFLTIPPSTER see ourselves more as a community dealing with American football, but our core business is of course our sports betting tips, which we would like to offer you in this section.

The name of our website does not come about by chance.

Week after week we offer the latest tips from the NFL.

This area we have subdivided again. On the one hand, there are the free tips that are available to every reader. There we rather highlight the favorites for the Super Bowl or possible division winners. From time to time of course you will also find tips for individual games there. However, if you register as a member, you will receive the full load of tips. There we give very detailed information about games based on the following characteristics:

  • Form of the respective teams
  • Injury status of teams
  • Statistics of teams playing against each other
  • Inside information from the guys from ESPN or CBS Sport
  • Our trading and American football experience
  • Are the game odds right?
  • And many more…

Of course, we cannot guarantee any results, but we want to try to prepare you as best we can for the next matchday. In the NFL, unlike football, there are no bets on a tie. In the rare case that there is a draw, you would get your stake back from any bookmaker. The chance of winning increases from 33.3% to 50%. In addition, one must not forget that the teams only have 16 regular season games each, so losing is actually forbidden. This information combined with our experience and insider knowledge gives us the conviction to deliver a great product to you. Most of the time we will certainly jump on the winning bets of the respective games, but you will also receive tips on handicaps, touchdown scorers and other situations from us with the respective description.

So don’t miss out on our tips.